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Feedback on approved regulators

Approved regulators are subject to the Press Recognition Panel’s (PRP) reviews processes to ensure they continue to meet the recognition criteria in the Royal Charter. As part of this, the PRP welcomes feedback about approved regulators’ ongoing compliance with the Charter criteria.

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You can send us information by:


Phone: 020 3443 7072

In writing: Chief Executive, Press Recognition Panel, Mappin House, 4 Winsley Street, London W1W 8HF

If there is anything that we can do to make it easier for you to contact us, please let us know and we will consider it.

What we will do with your feedback

When we receive your feedback, we will consider whether it relates to a breach of the Royal Charter criteria by the approved regulator.

If your feedback is not related to an approved regulator’s compliance with the Charter, we will contact you and let you know why we are unable to take your feedback further. It is not our role to second guess a regulator’s handling of particular complaints or to serve as an appeal body for decisions or actions taken by a regulator.

If we consider that your feedback falls within our remit, we will consider it and decide what action (if any) is needed. In deciding this, we will consider the seriousness of the information provided and the risk to the public. Please see our guidance on cyclical and ad hoc reviews..

An ad hoc review of a regulator’s recognition will only be undertaken in exceptional circumstances (having regard in particular to serious breaches of the recognition criteria) and if there is a significant public interest in doing so.

Whilst a decision to conduct an ad hoc review can only be taken by the PRP Board, feedback will only be referred to the Board should the PRP Executive consider that there may be good grounds for conducting such a review in accordance with our published approach.

If an ad hoc review is initiated then the fact of the review will be published and the criteria concerned identified. If there is no ad hoc review, we will notify the regulator and the provider of the feedback of the action to be taken (if any).  However, any relevant information supplied may feed into a cyclical review of recognition.  Under the terms of the Royal Charter the first cyclical review of the recognition of IMPRESS is due to begin in November 2018 (at the end of the period of two years beginning with the day of recognition)

We store all information we receive securely and in accordance with our information governance policies.


If there has been a breach of the Charter criteria, in many cases, we will share the feedback with the approved regulator to establish what steps they need to take. 

We will consider requests for anonymity from those submitting feedback and we will consider whether your feedback can be shared with an approved regulator in a suitably redacted way.

If your feedback cannot be redacted effectively, when considering your request for anonymity, we will take into account:

  • Whether providing the feedback to the approved regulator would lead to you being identified
  • Whether revealing your identity to the approved regulator would cause you embarrassment, distress or harm
  • Whether revealing your identity could cause significant harm to a third party

If we are not able to grant anonymity, we will give you the option of withdrawing your feedback.