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Third PRP call for information about IMPRESS’ application for recognition – CLOSED

This call for information has now closed.

The PRP has launched a third public call for information about IMPRESS’ application for recognition.

The first public call for information ran from 5 February 2016 until 4 March 2016, after the PRP received IMPRESS’ original application. In response to feedback received, IMPRESS submitted some new and some revised documents.

The PRP determined that the additional and revised information amounted to a significant change to IMPRESS’ original application. Therefore, in line with our application process, we gave the public and third parties the opportunity to read the new information and the revised elements of IMPRESS’ application, and invited respondents to provide any further information which may be relevant to the recognition assessment. This second call for information lasted for 20 working days, from 4 May 2016 to 2 June 2016.

On 15 July 2016, the PRP published its indicative view on interpretation of some terms of the Royal Charter. A number of organisations have raised a concern that this indicative view might have prompted them or others to provide us with additional information about IMPRESS’ application had it been known at the time of our second call for information.

In accordance with our commitment to operating as openly and transparently as possible, and ensuring that we have the fullest possible basis to take a robust and independent decision on IMPRESS’ application, the PRP has launched a further call for information. This third call for information seeks any additional information relating to IMPRESS’ application as it now stands, and in the light of the PRP’s indicative interpretation of some terms of the Charter.

As it is not our practice to consult or seek additional public input when we consider how to interpret elements of the Charter, the call for information is not intended to provide a general opportunity for respondents to comment on the PRP’s indicative view. For more information about contacting us or sharing your views on any aspect of work see the ways to connect section of our website.

We would also remind applicants that as our Guidance for Applicants states, the call for information is not intended to be a general opportunity for third parties to assess or decide whether or not an applying regulator meets the criteria in the Charter. The call for information is an opportunity for third parties to share relevant information with us to inform our assessment. We will consider facts and evidence, not opinions or hearsay. The PRP Board will decide whether or not the applicant meets the criteria; this is not a role for third parties.

This third call for information is open from 24 August 2016 – 23 September 2016.

Submitting information

There are a number of ways to submit information to the PRP. Please include your name and contact details with your submission.

Please be aware that information you supply will be shared with IMPRESS so that they have the opportunity to respond to what you say and that it will be published externally at the end of the application process. Please see the Guidance for Applicants for information on how we will treat anonymised information, or contact us using the details below.



Susie Uppal
Chief Executive
Press Recognition Panel
Mappin House
4 Winsley Street
London W1W 8HF


020 3443 7070


If you would like to submit information in person, or arrange a face-to-face meeting, please contact Susie Uppal, Chief Executive of the PRP on 020 3443 7072.

Next steps

Once the call for information ends, IMPRESS will have 15 working days to provide a response to any of the points raised by third parties. Once IMPRESS’ final application is ready, the PRP will validate and verify it along with any additional information received. This will be followed by a meeting of the PRP Board, who will make the final decision on whether or not the application meets the requirements of the Charter. This meeting will be open to the public.

It is not currently possible to say how long the application process will take. Our priority is to ensure that the assessment is robust, transparent and thorough.

IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor for the Press CIC Application to the Press Recognition Panel

New and revised documents, following the second call for information, are shown in bold.



  1. The IMPRESS Project Articles of Association
  2. IMPRESS CIC Articles of Association
    1. IMPRESS Finance & Audit Committee Terms of Reference
    2. IMPRESS Financial Policies
  3. The IMPRESSS Project Board Meeting 191214 Minute
  4. IMPRESS Board Register of Interests
  5. IMPRESS Board Meeting 6 Minute
    1. IMPRESS Board Meeting 7 Minute
  6. IMPRESS Board Meeting 8 Minute
  7. IMPRESS Board Meeting 9 Minute
  8. IMPRESS Board Meeting 10 Minute
  9. IMPRESS Board meeting 11 Minute
  10. IMPRESS Code Committee Terms of Reference


  1. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Candidate Brief
  2. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Letter of Appointment
  3. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 1 Minute
  4. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 2 Minute Redacted
    1. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 2 Minute Un-Redacted [for PRP reference only]
  5. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 3 Minute Redacted
    1. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 3 Minute Un-Redacted [for PRP reference only]
  6. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 4 Minute Redacted
    1. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 4 Minute Un-Redacted [for PRP reference only]
  7. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Meeting 5 Minute
  8. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Protocol
  9. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Terms of Reference
  10. IMPRESS Board Recruitment Brief
  11. IMPRESS Board advertisement
  12. IMPRESS Board Lettter of Appointment
  13. IMPRESS Board Letter of Appointment #2
  14. IMPRESS Board Recruitment Pack
  15. IMPRESS Code Committee recruitment brief
    1. IMPRESS Project Appointment Panel Biographies
    2. IMPRESS Appointment Panel Biographies
    3. IMPRESS Board Biographies
    4. IMPRESS Code Committee Biographies


  1. IMPRESS Publisher Reporting Procedure
  2. IMPRESS Public Concern at Work Agreement
  3. IMPRESS Advertising Content Definition
  4. IMPRESS Advisory Notice Template
    1. IMPRESS Advisory Notice Database
  5. IMPRESS Advisory Notice Request Form
  6. IMPRESS Business Flow
  7. IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme Agreement
  8. IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme Procedures (Revised)
  9. IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme (Revised)
  10. IMPRESS comparative Code research (23 pages) (new)
  11. Communications Law 21.2 (new)


  1. IMPRESS Executive Business Plan 2015-2020
  2. IMPRESS Operational Implementation Plan
  3. IMPRESS Publisher Application Form
  4. IMPRESS Induction Pack (including a revised version of the IMPRESS Compliance Checklist) (Revised)
  5. IMPRESS Annual Report Template (Revised)
  6. IMPRESS model complaints policy (new)


  1. IMPRESS CIArb Arbitration Scheme Rules (Revised)
  2. IMPRESS CIArb Arbitration Scheme Agreement
  3. IMPRESS CIArb Arbitration Scheme Guidance (Revised)


  1. Sustaining Trust – paying for independent regulation – IMPRESS consultation (new)
  2. IMPRESS notice of consultation 080616 (new)
  3. Sustaining Trust – IMPRESS decision paper (new)
  4. IPRT IMPRESS Funding Agreement
    1. IPRT IMPRESS Funding Agreement Signed [for PRP reference only]
  5. IPRT IMPRESS Funding Agreement Deed of Variation (new)
  6. IRPT confidential advice Hunters Solicitors to IMPRESS July 2015 [for PRP reference only] (new)
  7. IPRT Declaration of Trust 081113 (new)
  8. IMPRESS to IPRT 080715 (new)
  9. IMPRESS Tariff Schedule (new)
  10. IPRT IMPRESS Letter Dated 260416 
  11. AMCT IPRT Funding Agreement
  12. IMPRESS Fundraising Policy (new)
  13. IMPRESS Financial Sustainability Policy (new)
  14. Record of meetings between IMPRESS, AMCT and IPRT 200716 (new)
  15. AMCT grant to IPRT letter 140716 (new)
  16. IMPRESS to PRP 210716 note on underspend (new)