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The Government’s consultation on the Leveson Inquiry and its implementation

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) has  responded to the Government’s consultation on press regulation. Our view is that section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act should be commenced immediately. Commencement would complete a system that will:

  • Protect ordinary people, not just the rich;
  • Protect the press from the chilling effect of large legal costs; and
  • Remove political influence on press regulation.

Our consultation response provides the background and detail to these essential public benefits. We submitted our 2016 annual report on the recognition system as part of our response.

FAQs about our response to the Government’s consultation

  • +What was the consultation about?
  • +What is the PRP’s view on section 40?
  • +How is the recognition system designed to work?
  • +What are the benefits of the recognition system?
  • +Does the recognition system cover online publishers?
  • +What are the benefits of arbitration?
  • +Would providing access to arbitration be enough to protect the public?
  • +Won’t providing access to arbitration be a financial burden for small publishers?
  • +Won’t providing access to arbitration lead to an influx of vexatious or frivolous challenges?