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Register of Relevant Interests

A. Paid employment (including previous employment, if still applicable)

David Wolfe – Barrister, Matrix Chambers Ltd

Spouse: Chief Executive, Hardwicke Chambers

Harry Cayton – Ministry of Health, British Columbia, Chief Executive, Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (to October 2018)

Emma Gilpin Jacobs – Senior Director, UK and Europe at The Pew Trusts; Strategic Communications Consultant, Bite Communications (part time) (September 2016 to January 2017); Interim Corporate Affairs Director, Institute of Imagination (April 2016 to July 2016); Director of Communications for the Deputy Prime Minister (December 2013 to February 2014); Communications Director for the Financial Times (2006 to 2013)

Carolyn Regan –  Chief Executive, West London Mental Health NHS Trust

Harry Rich – Director, More Potential Limited; Chief Executive, Royal Institute of British Architects (to February 2016)

B. Ownership of any company, business or consultancy

David Wolfe – Shareholder and director, Matrix Chambers Ltd

Harry Cayton – Nothing to declare

Emma Gilpin Jacobs – Nothing to declare

Carolyn Regan – Director, Carolyn Regan Associates Ltd

Harry Rich – Shareholder, More Potential Limited

C. Shareholdings or investments of any company, business or consultancy in which the Board Member has a significant shareholding or other financial interest

David Wolfe – Shareholder, Matrix Chambers Ltd

Harry Cayton – Nothing to declare

Emma Gilpin Jacobs – Nothing to declare

Carolyn Regan – Director, Carolyn Regan Associates Ltd

Ownership of a small freehold of five flats in London

Harry Rich – More Potential Limited; Eleven Christchurch Avenue Management Limited

D. Appointments, Offices and membership of other bodies, voluntary or otherwise (inc. trusteeships, directorships, local authority membership, tribunals, membership of professional bodies, special interest groups, mutual support organisations, subject association or trade union etc)

David Wolfe Along with Spouse, Director and Shareholder of the Charsfield Three Horseshoes Community Pub Ltd (a Community Benefit Society); Member of Let Us Learn steering group (advocates for improved access to higher education)

Harry Cayton – Trustee, Comic Relief and chair of UK Grants Committee; Patron, Arts4Dementia

Carolyn Regan – Chair, Just for Kids Law

Harry Rich – Governor, Glasgow School of Art; Trustee, The Harbour Foundation; Trustee, The Open College of the Arts; Non-Executive member, BIS/DCMS Creative Industries Council (to 2016); Non-Executive member, Creative Industries Sector Advisory Group (to 2016); Member, Charter Compliance Panel oversight body (Press Complaints Commission) (2007 to 2009); Registrar, Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists (since 22 Sept 18)

E. Any contracts to which the Board Member is party and which will result in remuneration or receipt of grant

David Wolfe – Nothing to declare

Harry Cayton – Occasional small fees for writing, reviewing, mentoring

Emma Gilpin Jacobs – Nothing to declare

Carolyn Regan – Nothing to declare

Harry Rich – Nothing to declare

F. Any other relevant matters which are not covered by the above

David Wolfe – Member of the Labour Party (Spouse is also a member of the Labour Party). Member of various legal professional bodies such as the Administrative Law Bar Association, Planning and Environmental Bar Association, Education Lawyers Association, Disability Law Association

Harry Cayton – Nothing to declare

Emma Gilpin Jacobs – Former Member of the Liberal Democrat Party

Carolyn Regan – Daughter (Alix Wilton Regan) has previously and currently works in a freelance capacity for Sky and Fox TV

Harry Rich – Member of the Labour Party (inactive)