PRP Board recognises IMPRESS

The Press Recognition Panel's (PRP) Board has agreed to recognise IMPRESS as an “approved regulator”.

Following a robust assessment process, the Board has decided that IMPRESS meets all 29 criteria (numbered 1 to 23) in the Charter, which means that, amongst other things, IMPRESS is independent of the print and online publishers it regulates, and is appropriately funded.

In England and Wales, the Charter sits alongside the Crime and Courts Act 2013. Since 3 November 2015, under the Act, publishers who are not a member of an approved regulator could face the threat of exemplary damages in egregious privacy cases – a regime previously unknown in the English or Welsh systems of press litigation. Publishers who are members of an approved regulator would be protected from this.

David Wolfe, Chair of the PRP Board, said:

“The Royal Charter plays a role in ensuring the freedom of the press while protecting the interests of the public.

“Following a detailed and thorough assessment of IMPRESS’ application for recognition, the PRP Board has determined that IMPRESS meets the 29 criteria in the Royal Charter, so it has been recognised as an approved regulator.”

The PRP is committed to openness and transparency and the meeting of the PRP Board to consider IMPRESS’ application took place in public on 25 October 2016. A recording of the meeting is available online The meeting was divided into several parts, so there are a number of videos. The first video is here:

In addition, as part of the assessment process, the PRP provided three opportunities for the public and third parties to review IMPRESS’ application and provide feedback to the PRP. Several people and organisations took up the opportunity, and the PRP received further submissions in the lead up to the meeting. All the relevant information was considered by the PRP Board when making its decision.

All the information received during the calls for information will be published on the PRP’s website within 30 days, alongside the IMPRESS application, the PRP’s assessment report and the Board’s final decision.