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Our values

The PRP works in the public interest by supporting and promoting a free press in a free and fair society.

We will perform our duties:

  • independently, using to the full the complete freedom we have from state, government or any other interest, and expressing our views honestly and courageously
  • fairly, guided by the principle of understanding the public interest, and always putting it first
  • openly, asking questions, using the widest possible range of evidence available to us to make our decisions, and explaining them clearly
  • transparently, wherever possible holding our meetings in public, publishing our papers, and making our meetings formal and documented – ensuring that the public and those we serve can see how we are putting our principles into practice
  • inclusively, guided by the principles of equality and diversity as an employer, and in the way we work with colleagues and stakeholders, and in the way we conduct our business.

We will also have regard to the principles of Better Regulation, including:

  • carrying out our activities in a way that supports those we oversee to comply and grow;
  • basing our oversight activities on risk;
  • sharing information on compliance and risk; and
  • ensuring clear information, guidance and advice is available to help those we oversee meet their responsibilities to comply.