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Organisational Policies

This page lists the Press Recognition Panel’s (PRP) organisational policies

  • +Anti-bribery, money laundering, fraud, theft and corruption policy
  • +Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference
  • +Board Member Remuneration Policy
  • +Terms and Conditions of Service for Board Members
  • +Board Rules of Procedure
  • +Business Continuity Policy
  • +Complaints handling policy
  • +Corporate Social Responsibility
  • +Disciplinary Procedures for Chair and Board Members
  • +Emergency and Disaster Recovery Plan
  • +Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • +Finance policy
  • +Gifts and Hospitality Policy and Expenses Policy
  • +Health and Safety Policy
  • +Information Technology policy
  • +Nominations Committee Terms of Reference
  • +Policy for Fixing the Panel’s Common Seal
  • +Privacy Statement
  • +Procurement policy
  • +Scheme of Delegation
  • +Treasury policy
  • +Whistleblowing (for Board and staff)