Legal appeal against our decision to recognise IMPRESS dropped

The News Media Association (NMA) has abandoned its appeal of a High Court judgement that upholds the PRP's decision to recognise IMPRESS as an approved regulator.

On 25 October 2016, following a detailed and thorough assessment, our independent Board determined that IMPRESS meets the 29 criteria in our Royal Charter. This means that, among other things, IMPRESS demonstrated that it is independent, adequately funded to do its job, and has systems in place to protect the public.

The NMA subsequently announced its intention to challenge that decision.

We successfully defended Judicial Review proceedings and the High Court awarded us our full costs and refused the NMA permission to appeal.

The NMA applied to the Court of Appeal and in April 2018 it was granted permission to appeal. The case had been listed for 17 January 2019.

On 6 December 2018, the NMA abandoned legal proceedings and agreed to pay the PRP’s costs associated with the appeal.

David Wolfe, Chair of the PRP, said:

“We are pleased that the NMA has seen sense and withdrawn its appeal. The original High Court judgement confirmed that the PRP acted independently, transparently and correctly when we recognised IMPRESS two years ago and that our interpretation of our Royal Charter was sound.

‘The Judges considered the findings of the Leveson report and the procedures that we followed when we assessed IMPRESS and found that the NMA’s case didn’t hold water.

“Our decision followed three rounds of open consultation, during which the NMA and others share their views, and we considered then all. The assessment was rigorous and subject to public scrutiny, and we’re pleased the Court noted the thoroughness of our process.

“We are continuing to do the job we were set up to do following the Leveson inquiry and we remain committed to a system of independent regulatory oversight that ensures the freedom of the press and protects the public.”