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Guidance on cyclical and ad hoc reviews

The Royal Charter requires the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) to carry out cyclical reviews as soon as reasonably practicable two years after a regulator has been recognised and every three years after that. We can also carry out ad hoc reviews should the relevant circumstances arise. The Charter defines two requirements which both need to be met in order to provide sufficient justification for an ad hoc review. Schedule 2.8 provides that we may review a regulator at any time if we think that there are exceptional circumstances that make it necessary to do so, and that there is a significant public interest in a review being undertaken.

This guidance has been informed by principles of Better Regulation.

Reviewing our guidance on cyclical and ad hoc reviews

Our processes for reviews are new to regulators, publishers and members of the public. We have developed this guidance in the light of responses received to our public consultation on our proposals for cyclical and ad hoc reviews.  We will update this guidance as the process evolves. We welcome your feedback at any point as this will help us improve both the process and our guidance. Please send your comments to

Guidance on cyclical and ad hoc reviews

  • +Gathering information
  • +Assessing information
  • +Cyclical reviews
  • +Ad hoc reviews
  • +After a review
  • +Withdrawing recognition