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Guidance for applicants

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) was created by Royal Charter on 3 November 2014. Its role is to consider whether independent press regulators meet, and continue to meet, the recognition criteria listed 1 – 23 in the Charter.

We are responsible for:

  • determining applications for recognition;
  • reviewing whether a regulator should continue to be recognised;
  • withdrawing recognition if the regulator is no longer entitled to it;
  • reporting on any successes or failures of the recognition system.

In order to be granted recognition, applicants must be able to demonstrate that they meet all of the recognition criteria. If an applicant meets those criteria, the PRP will recognise them.

The Charter allows the PRP to charge a regulator a fee for an application or cyclical review starting from the third anniversary of the date the Charter took effect. Until that date (3 November 2017) there was no charge for making an application for recognition.

This guidance is split into four sections:

  • +Section 1: About this guidance
  • +Section 2: Making an application
  • +Section 3: Assessing an application
  • +Section 4: After recognition