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Frequently asked questions

About the Press Recognition Panel (PRP)

  • +What is the Press Recognition Panel?
  • +Why was the PRP set up?
  • +What is the Royal Charter?
  • +When was the PRP established?
  • +Is the PRP responsible for regulating the press?
  • +What guarantees the PRP’s independence?
  • +Isn’t the PRP damaging press freedom?

About press regulators

  • +What is a press self-regulator (or regulator)?
  • +What is a relevant publisher?
  • +What press regulators currently exist?
  • +What does it mean for publishers?
  • +What is a ‘hyperlocal’?
  • +Can you choose to ‘opt-in’ to an approved regulator if you do not fall under the definition of ‘relevant publisher’?
  • +How will I know if the recognition system is effective?

PRP and the development of the recognition process

  • +What does it mean when the PRP ‘recognises’ a regulator?
  • +What was your consultation on proposals for recognition of press self-regulators about?
  • +What was the outcome of the consultation?
  • +What changes did you make to the recognition process as a result of the consultation?
  • +How widely did you consult with the general public?

Opening for applications for recognition

  • +What does being 'open for applications' mean?
  • +What are the “benefits” or “incentives” for a publisher to be a member of an approved regulator?
  • +What are ‘exemplary damages’?
  • +Would you recognise a regulator which did not have any members or with only a limited number of small organisations as members?
  • +How can you assess an application if the regulator is not yet fully operational?
  • +How can the public contribute to the recognition process?
  • +How much will it cost a Regulator to apply for recognition?


  • +Does everyone have to use an approved regulator’s arbitration scheme?
  • +Will there be a single arbitration scheme for all publishers?

About the PRP’s staff and budget

  • +Who are the members of the board of the PRP and how were they appointed?
  • +What is the PRP’s budget?
  • +How many members of staff do you have at the moment?
  • +What happens after 3 years?
  • +How is the PRP an independent body, when you receive government funding?
  • +If the PRP is independent, why must it report to Parliament each year?