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Cyclical Review of IMPRESS – March 2019

On 26 March 2019, the Board of the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) confirmed that IMPRESS continues to meet each of the 29 standards set out in the PRP’s Royal Charter. This means that, amongst other things, IMPRESS is independent of the print and online publishers it regulates, is appropriately funded, and has systems in place to protect the public.

The cyclical review process involved a public consultation, which ran from Thursday 29 November 2018 to Wednesday 9 January 2019.

The Board met in public to consider IMPRESS’ application. The documents considered by the Board are available below.

The next cyclical review is due to take place in three years. However, the PRP can conduct an ad hoc review before then, if there are exceptional circumstances that make it necessary to do so, and there is a significant public interest in a review being undertaken.

PRP Board’s decision report

PRP Executive assessment

Report Annexes