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Consultation on Proposals for Recognition

From 7 June 2015 to 31 July 2015 the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) carried out a UK wide consultation on the PRP’s proposed approach for assessing applications for recognition from press regulators.

The consultation included eight public events across the UK. We received 200 written responses from members of the public, academics, small and large publishers, representative bodies, campaigning organisations and regulators.

We have analysed all the responses carefully and have considered the points made when reviewing our pdf-image-icon original proposals.

Our pdf-image-icon final decision paper is now available online together with our pdf-image-icon guidance to regulators on applying for recognition.

We have also produced an infographic summarising the consultation process, and another summarising some of the changes made following the consultation.

Summary of Events

Published below are the anonymised notes of the discussions at the eight events that we held as part of the consultation.

pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation launch event held at London School of Economics
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in Belfast
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in Birmingham
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in Cardiff
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in Durham
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in Glasgow
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in London
pdf-image-icon Summary of the consultation meeting held in Manchester

Webinar event

During the consultation we also held a live webinar on 15 June 2015 during which our Chair Daivd Wolfe oulined our proposals and answered questions from viewers. A recording of the webisnar is available online.

Consultation responses

The written responses we received are published below.  Of the 200 responses we received, seven respondents asked us not to publish their response, of which six were members of the public and one was a publisher. These respondents did not have their names published either. 28 respondents asked us not to publish their names, whilst 5 respondents were happy to have their names published but not their response – all were members of the public.

pdf-image-icon  Barry Anderson
pdf-image-icon Derrick Anstee
pdf-image-icon Advertising Standards Authority
pdf-image-icon Kevin Ashton
pdf-image-icon Associated Newspapers
pdf-image-icon Ian Badcoe
pdf-image-icon John Baruch
Mike Berger
pdf-image-icon Michael Bernard
pdf-image-icon Graham Bland
pdf-image-icon  Professor Boswell
pdf-image-icon  Cam Bowie
pdf-image-icon  Nicholas Braithwaite
pdf-image-icon  B S Britzman
pdf-image-icon  Stewart Brooker
pdf-image-icon  Amanda Burton
pdf-image-icon  Michael Butterfield
pdf-image-icon  Alan Cairns
pdf-image-icon  Martin Callaghan
pdf-image-icon  Peter Carew
pdf-image-icon  Simon Carne
pdf-image-icon  Corey Cashman
pdf-image-icon  Elizabeth Cawood
pdf-image-icon  Hilary Ann Chadwick
pdf-image-icon  Robert Clarke
pdf-image-icon  Claire Clews
pdf-image-icon  John Coombs
pdf-image-icon  Neville Cramer
pdf-image-icon  Andrew Cree
pdf-image-icon  Phil Crofts
pdf-image-icon  Elaine Dicampo
pdf-image-icon  Sean Donohoe
pdf-image-icon  Early Resolution CIC
pdf-image-icon  Barry Edwards
pdf-image-icon  Tim Fenton
pdf-image-icon  Janet Forbes
pdf-image-icon  Chris Francis
pdf-image-icon  Paul Fullwood
pdf-image-icon  Norman Furnell
pdf-image-icon  Mike Grayton
pdf-image-icon  Guardian News And Media Limited
pdf-image-icon  Hacked Off 1
pdf-image-icon  Hacked Off 2
pdf-image-icon  Hacked Off 3
pdf-image-icon  Hacked Off 4
pdf-image-icon  Fred Hall
pdf-image-icon  Alan Hancock
pdf-image-icon  Peter Harris
pdf-image-icon  Derek Hart
pdf-image-icon  Jimmy Hartley
pdf-image-icon  John Harvey
pdf-image-icon  Jim Hawkins
pdf-image-icon  Richard Hawkins
pdf-image-icon  Vincent Hayes
pdf-image-icon  N.Henderson
pdf-image-icon  Ray Hendriksen
pdf-image-icon  Dan Hetherington
pdf-image-icon  Geoff Higgs
pdf-image-icon  Derek Hipkins
pdf-image-icon  Tom Holdich
pdf-image-icon  Simon Holdsworth
pdf-image-icon  Annette Hope
pdf-image-icon  Richard Horobin
pdf-image-icon  Robin Horton
pdf-image-icon  Dr. Ken Houston
pdf-image-icon  Ms V. Howard
pdf-image-icon  Bill Howlett
pdf-image-icon  Barbara Hughes
pdf-image-icon  James Hutchings
pdf-image-icon  IMPRESS 1
pdf-image-icon  IMPRESS 2
pdf-image-icon  Information Commissioner’s Office
pdf-image-icon  Mark Inskip
pdf-image-icon  Jamie J
pdf-image-icon  I.C. Jackson
pdf-image-icon  Jibse
pdf-image-icon  Lyndon Jones
pdf-image-icon  Jane Kelly
pdf-image-icon  John Kelly
pdf-image-icon  Martin Kemp
pdf-image-icon  T.A. Krishnan
pdf-image-icon  Howard Lake
pdf-image-icon  Patrick Lane
pdf-image-icon  Richard Lee
pdf-image-icon  Nick Lee
pdf-image-icon  Les Lees
pdf-image-icon  Louis Lillywhite
pdf-image-icon  AP Mackay
pdf-image-icon  Ken Mackenzie
pdf-image-icon  Ken MacLennan
pdf-image-icon  Make Public
Kate Mariat
pdf-image-icon  Freddy Marks
pdf-image-icon  Phil Martin
pdf-image-icon  Gerald McCarthy
pdf-image-icon  Alan McFadden
pdf-image-icon  Media Reform Coalition
pdf-image-icon  Mel Moore
pdf-image-icon  Elizabeth Moss
pdf-image-icon  Patrick Mulleady
pdf-image-icon  TMullen
pdf-image-icon  Les Munn
Ken Munn
pdf-image-icon  News Media Association
pdf-image-icon  News UK
pdf-image-icon  Peter Nicholson
pdf-image-icon  National Union of Journalists, Welsh Executive Council
pdf-image-icon  ROGrady
pdf-image-icon  Ombudsman Services
pdf-image-icon  David and Jenny Parish/Bassett
Mike Parker
pdf-image-icon  Christopher Penney
pdf-image-icon  Gavin Phillipson
pdf-image-icon  Gavin Phillipson 2
pdf-image-icon  David Pollock
pdf-image-icon  Port Talbot Magnet
pdf-image-icon  Malcolm S Powell
pdf-image-icon  Public Concern at Work
pdf-image-icon  Howard Richards
pdf-image-icon  Irene Ridgeon
pdf-image-icon  John Ritchings
pdf-image-icon  Andy Roberts
pdf-image-icon  Dr. John Robertson
pdf-image-icon  Alan Roff
pdf-image-icon  Paul Rowe
pdf-image-icon  David Rumsey
pdf-image-icon  Dr. Sargood
pdf-image-icon  John Saunders
pdf-image-icon  Max Scianna
pdf-image-icon  David Selzer
pdf-image-icon  Alan Sharland
pdf-image-icon  Juliet Shaw
pdf-image-icon  David & Diane Shevels
pdf-image-icon  Dave Shurlock
pdf-image-icon  Phillip Sinclair
pdf-image-icon  Natasha Sivanandan
pdf-image-icon  Steve Smith
pdf-image-icon  G. Stocker
Lord Strasburger
pdf-image-icon  Roddy Stuart
pdf-image-icon  Michael Surplice
pdf-image-icon  Damian Tambini
pdf-image-icon  Alan Taylor
pdf-image-icon  Telegraph Media Group
pdf-image-icon  The Financial Times
pdf-image-icon  Alan Thomas
pdf-image-icon  Andrew Thomson
pdf-image-icon  Nick Travaglia
pdf-image-icon  Sheila Tremlett
pdf-image-icon  Trinity Mirror
pdf-image-icon  Hugh Turnbull
pdf-image-icon  Frank Turner
pdf-image-icon  Brian Viercant
pdf-image-icon  Andrew Wallace
pdf-image-icon  Kevin Walsh
pdf-image-icon  Nick Waters
pdf-image-icon  Sheila Ware
pdf-image-icon  L. Warren
pdf-image-icon  Ruth Whalley
pdf-image-icon  John Whittle
pdf-image-icon  Danny Wigley
pdf-image-icon  Claire Willerton
pdf-image-icon  Kevin Williamson
pdf-image-icon  Andy Wilson
pdf-image-icon  Keith Wilson
pdf-image-icon  Jane Winter
pdf-image-icon  Graham Winyard
pdf-image-icon  Peter Worley
pdf-image-icon  Allan Wright
pdf-image-icon  Bethan Wyn Jones
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous1
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous2
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous3
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous4
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous5
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous6
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous7
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous8
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous9
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous10
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous11
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous12
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous13
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous14
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous15
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous16
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous17
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous18
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous19
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous20
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous21
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous22
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous23
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous24
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous25
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous26
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous27
pdf-image-icon  Anonymous28

Diversity monitoring

As part of the consultation, we gave individuals the option of completing a diversity monitoring form. Just over 25% of respondents completed a form and their feedback has been summarised in a short report. The data does not reflect the makeup of the whole responder group, but we will look closely at the insights gleaned and consider how we can improve future consultations to gain the widest range of feedback possible.