Call for information on the first cyclical review of IMPRESS

We have launched a public call for information on the first cyclical review of IMPRESS' recognition as an approved regulator.

The PRP was created following the Leveson Inquiry as part of the new system of regulatory oversight to ensure the freedom of the press whilst also protecting the interests of the public.

In October 2016, following a detailed and thorough assessment of an application for recognition from IMPRESS, the independent PRP Board determined that IMPRESS met the 29 criteria in the Royal Charter, so IMPRESS was recognised as an approved regulator.

Our Charter requires us to review approved regulators to ensure they continue to meet the Charter’s recognition criteria. A cyclical review must be carried out as soon as reasonably practicable two years after a regulator has been recognised and three yearly thereafter.

It is now time to conduct IMPRESS' first cyclical review.

In line with our guidance, we have asked the approved regulator to assess themselves against the recognition criteria and to submit evidence to us to demonstrate that they are continuing to meet the Charter criteria. We have specifically asked IMPRESS to identify areas of their arrangements that have changed since their original application for recognition.

This documents submitted by IMPRESS have been published on our website, along with details of how you can take part in the call for information.

The call for information closes on Wednesday 9 January 2019.