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Call for information on the first cyclical review of IMPRESS – CLOSED

This call for information has closed

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) has launched a public call for information on the first cyclical review of IMPRESS’ recognition as an approved regulator.

The call for information will run from Thursday 29 November 2018 to Wednesday 9 January 2019.


The PRP was created following the Leveson Inquiry as part of a new system of regulatory oversight to ensure the freedom of the press whilst also protecting the interests of the public.

In October 2016, following a detailed and thorough assessment of an application for recognition from IMPRESS, the independent PRP Board determined that IMPRESS met the 29 criteria in the Royal Charter, so IMPRESS was recognised as an approved regulator.

Our Charter requires us to review approved regulators to ensure they continue to meet the Charter’s recognition criteria. A cyclical review must be carried out as soon as reasonably practicable two years after a regulator has been recognised and three yearly thereafter.

It is now time to conduct IMPRESS’ first cyclical review.

The call for information process

In line with our guidance, we have asked IMPRESS to assess themselves against the recognition criteria and to submit evidence to us to demonstrate that they are continuing to meet the Charter criteria. We have specifically asked IMPRESS to identify areas of their arrangements that have changed since their original application for recognition.

We have published IMPRESS’ self-assessment below and we are inviting the public and third parties to review the documents and provide feedback.

We will only consider facts and evidence related to IMPRESS’ compliance with the Charter criteria, not opinions or hearsay.

IMPRESS has redacted some information from the published version of its submission. This information has been made available to the PRP and will be considered by us as part of the process. The PRP has reviewed it to ensure that the minimum amount of information, and only things for which there is a genuine need for confidentiality, are treated that way.

Submitting information

There are a number of ways to submit information to the PRP. Please include your name and contact details with your submission.

Please be aware information that you supply will be shared with IMPRESS so that they have the opportunity to respond to what you say and/or review their application and update it, if they choose. If you would like the information that you submit anonymised, please let us know.



Susie Uppal
Chief Executive
Press Recognition Panel
Mappin House
4 Winsley Street
London W1W 8HF


020 3443 7072


If you would like to submit information in person or to arrange a face-to-face meeting, please contact Susie Uppal, Chief Executive of the PRP on 020 3443 7070.

Next steps

Once the call for information closes, IMPRESS will have 15 working days to respond to the information we receive. A summary of the responses will also be provided to the PRP Board.

The PRP Executive will then prepare an initial documentary review. In addition to information sent by the regulator and third parties during the call for information, other information acquired by the PRP may also be used. If clarification or additional evidence is required, we will ask IMPRESS to provide it.

The PRP Executive will then meet the regulator to verify information acquired and to validate the evidence and information.

A draft Cyclical Review Outcome Report will be produced and sent to the regulator who will have 15 working days to comment on factual accuracy. If the regulator disagrees with the assessment, the PRP Executive will include the reasons for disagreement in the Cyclical Review Outcome Report before submitting it to the PRP Board.

The PRP Board will meet in public to consider IMPRESS’ evidence, information received during the call for information, and the Executive team’s Cyclical Review Outcome Report along with any comments on it from the regulator. The independent PRP Board alone will decide whether or not the regulator continues to meet the Charter criteria. We will announce a date for the meeting as soon as we are able to.

Documentation provided by IMPRESS