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In the speech delivered today by His Majesty the King, outlining the government’s policies and laws to be introduced it was announced that, ‘Legislation will be brought forward to support the creative industries and protect public interest journalism....

The Royal Charter


The Royal Charter ensures that the PRP remains wholly independent of any other body or influence.

The Charter lists 29 criteria that regulators have to meet in order to be recognised. The criteria were designed to secure press freedom and protect the public interest.

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Frequently asked questions


Q.What is the Press Recognition Panel?

A.The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) is an independent body set up to ensure that any organisation which regulates the press and other news publishers is independent, properly funded and able to protect the public, while recognising the important role carried out by the press and other news publishers.

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We are keen to hear from and meet as many people as possible, including members of the public, academics, journalists, media owners, publishers, regulators, voluntary organisations and others.

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