PRP Board Meeting on IMPRESS’ application for recognition

The Press Recognition Panel's (PRP) Board will consider IMPRESS’ application for recognition in public on 25 October 2016. The public section of the Board meeting will start at 10am. The full agenda for the meeting is available on our website.

All the seats for public observers at the meeting have been booked, so we are unable to accommodate anyone at the meeting who has not pre-registered.

We are streaming the meeting online using Periscope, Twitter’s live video service. To watch, either visit the PRP’s Twitter account @prpanel or watch directly on Periscope The live stream will begin at 10am.

You can also follow the event on Twitter using #PRPdecision.

Further information

In order to enable what would otherwise be a confidential item to be discussed in public, the Board has determined that, exceptionally, papers relating to the IMPRESS application will not be published in advance of the meeting.

The PRP provided three opportunities for the public and others to review IMPRESS’ application and share their views. The Board will consider all the relevant feedback received when making its decision.

The final decision on whether to recognise IMPRESS rests solely with the PRP Board, so the discussion at the meeting will be among Board members, with input from the PRP Executive team and the applicant regulator, if the Board requires further information.

All the information received during the calls for information will be published on our website within 30 days of the Board’s decision meeting, alongside the IMPRESS application, the PRP’s assessment report and the Board’s final decision.

In order to be granted recognition, IMPRESS’ application must demonstrate that IMPRESS meets the 29 recognition criteria (numbered 1 to 23) listed in the Royal Charter.

The PRP is happy to receive information and comments related to any aspect of our work at any time - email